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Top 5 favorite conspiracy theories of the Russians

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  • Top 5 favorite conspiracy theories of the Russians

    Top 5 favorite conspiracy theories of the Russians

    In my provocateur and puddin' stick stirrer role, another monkey in the wrench effort here ...
    ...While Americans have their own favorite conspiracy theories, which can tell us a lot about how they think, many Russians are also prone to believe in global shenanigans, according to a recent survey conducted by WCIOM, a Russian center for public opinion.

    Here are the top five conspiracy theories believed by the 2,000 people who participated in the poll: 5. Earth is not round

    Only 7% of the subjects believed that Earth was not round, as is commonly known. This knowledge was shared equally across education levels.
    ... 4. Aliens regularly come to Earth

    On the other hand, among the surveyed, 45% are pretty sure of the existence of aliens. Of those people, 27% think they are just hiding from people on Earth while 18% are confident that the authorities know all about that and are just keeping the regular citizens in the dark.
    ... 3. The moon landing was faked

    This is one of the favorite conspiracies among Americans as well. Of course, for Russia to disbelieve in one of the most significant accomplishments of the American nation seems reasonable, considering the historical tensions and competition between the countries.

    Indeed, over half the Russians (57%) surveyed think there was no moon landing and that the American government just faked the documentary materials in 1969. Only 24% believe it actually happened.
    .... 2. The scientists are lying to us

    About 59% of the surveyed thought the scientists were hiding the truth from them. Not surprisingly, this was the opinion shared in large part (at 77%) among those who did not finish school. About 45% of those who had a higher education do not trust scientists either.
    .... 1. A shadow world government runs things

    The survey found that 67% of the participants believe in the existence of a world government (up from 45% who thought so in 2014).

    Who would be a member of such a government? Oligarchs, financiers, and bankers—or so think 23% of the polled. The perennial conspiracy favorites like the Freemasons, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds, as well as Presidents Putin and Trump, were popular responses to who would be a member of such a global leadership.

    The main goal of this organization would be power, say 30%, and money (16%). On the other hand, not everyone thinks this behind-the-scenes group controls everything, with 57% of the participants stating that such an oligarchic syndicate would be influencing just a part of the world’s affairs. But whatever it’s doing, the group’s goals must be detrimental to the welfare of Russia, responded 74% of the subjects.

    Each "Culture"~"Ethnic" has it's own Memes ... in understanding the Matrix of USA versus Russia, perhaps an insight like this might help some ....

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    Shadowy government or "deep state" is a theory developed by the Russian troll community. In their primitive minds, they don't understand the concept of independent judiciary. They believe president Trump should rule the world by presidential decree, just like the Putin. President Trump signed a decree and he was overruled by some obscure judge in Manhattan. Russian observers couldn't believe what their seeing. Since Trump cannot rule by decree, because he's stalled by independent judiciary, then it must be the fault of the deep state. Or so their logic goes.
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      Hold you horses. The topic is not about favorite conspiracy theories of the Americans.


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        Originally posted by MonsterZero View Post
        Shadowy government or "deep state" is a theory developed by the Russian troll community.
        I mostly hear about deep state from US sources...then again, apparently those are now all Russian trolls? Or fake news? Hard to tell.
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          Atleast in this forum those prattling about deepstate are russians.
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            In Russia words "deep state" are only used when discussing American situation. As for purely Russian conspiracy theories - other terms were popular:
            Note a remarkable similarity with "Russians attacking American democracy from inside".


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