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Putin and Medvedev to go airborne?

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  • Putin and Medvedev to go airborne?

    Russian Government Officials to Commute by Helicopter in 2013

    President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are likely to swap their armored limousines for helicopters next year, as the city center will be equipped with several landing pads, head of the presidential affairs office Vladimir Kozhin said Thursday.
    The pads might appear on the territory of the Kremlin and near the White House in the first quarter of next year as part of the effort to create a system of transportation routes above Moscow, he told Interfax. Kozhin said the plan had received approval from the authorities.
    "The options for developing the air corridors are being investigated, and others will get a chance to move by helicopters in the future — not only the president and the prime minister," Kozhin said, without specifying who else would be able to use the system.
    Federal law bans flights over Moscow, with the existing 13 landing pads in the city used only by the police, hospitals and the Emergency Situations Ministry.
    Developing a system of air transportation corridors involves a set of actions which includes amending current legislation, said Viktor Khrekov, a spokesman for the Office for Presidential Affairs. The move is aimed at reducing the city's heavy traffic jams, he added.

    The Moscow Times
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    Нанопризиденты ? Они здесь больше не летают.
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      Hmm, seeing that politicians all over the world wish to be transported by motorcades. That is an endless waste supply of vehicles, bodyguards and lots of fuel wasting vehices which could be better used elsewhere, are used all over the world. If you want to be a politician then you have to take the risk of assasination. Just ask Gaius Julius Caesar, King Charles I of England, Louis XVI of France, Alexander II of Russia, Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy of the USA. Helicopters are more economical by the way.
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        IMO not a bad move at all.

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          Kremlin Helicopter Pad to Be Created ‘Soon’

          TEL AVIV, February 17 (RIA Novosti) – The head of Russian presidential property management department has confirmed that the Kremlin will be soon equipped with a helicopter landing pad to help top officials avoid Moscow’s heavy traffic jams.

          “This is dictated by the need for both modern and quick transportation of the country’s leadership and for creating fewer problems on Moscow’s roads, where the situation, as you know, is rather difficult,” Vladimir Kozhin told journalists during his visit to Israel on Sunday.

          He said the Russian presidential property management department has bought several Italian helicopters to transport top Russian officials.

          The helicopters are manufactured by AgustaWestland, which established a joint venture company HeliVert together with Russian Helicopters in 2010 to assemble AW139 helicopters at a new plant in Tomilino, near Moscow.
          “For there is nothing more serious than a lunatic when he comes to the central point of his lunacy.”

          Max Sterner


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            And here I thought they were going parachuting.


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              Russia PM switches to helicopter for daily commute

              Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has switched to using a helicopter rather than a car for his trip to work from his suburban residence and other travel around Moscow, his spokeswoman said Wednesday.

              The move appears to be a bid by the premier, who lives in his suburban Gorki residence west of Moscow, to placate irate drivers who are forced into massive traffic every time his long motorcade swings by.

              "He will always do this (take the helicopter) whenever the weather allows," his spokeswoman Natalya Timakova told AFP.

              The government Wednesday published pictures of the helicopter landing right outside the massive White House government headquarters in central Moscow which under the USSR housed the Soviet parliament.
              Yahoo news
              “For there is nothing more serious than a lunatic when he comes to the central point of his lunacy.”

              Max Sterner


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                Putin’s Kremlin Helipad Cost $6.4 Mln – Official
                “For there is nothing more serious than a lunatic when he comes to the central point of his lunacy.”

                Max Sterner


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