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Russian birth rate to rise to 1.8 million as New Year rings in

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  • Russian birth rate to rise to 1.8 million as New Year rings in

    Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister has announced some optimistic news regarding the country’s demographics, which shows that initiatives by the Kremlin may be beginning to bear fruit.

    *The annual birth rate in Russia is expected to eventually hit 2 million, which is good news for the nation’s demographic and social outlook, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said in remarks at a conference on demographic issues.

    After years of dismal demographic rates, the news comes as a relief for officials concerned about the social risks connected with a dwindling population, as well as the overall aging of the population and the need to meet the demands of the labor market through human capital.
    "We anticipate that 1.8 million babies will be born this year," Golodets said. "It is desirable that the birth rate should reach 2 million… which would allow many of the risks for our state to be removed in this generation."
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    The problem is not the number of births, the problem is the number of deaths.
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      Well, life expectency is also on the rise, which is good.

      The birth rate is still only 1,61/female, so not really impressive. What it can signify is however a trend shift to a still low, but less disastrosly low, level.

      Still, it's a figure that puts Russia ahead of most of the EU, as it currently stands.


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        You're welcome.
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