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    MOSCOW, November 8 (RIA Novosti) - A total of 77 percent of Russians supported the reintroduction of compulsory school uniforms, according to an opinion poll by state-owned Russian pollster Vtsiom.

    The number of supporters was particularly high among women, people aged 45 and over and those with minor children or grandchildren.

    Some 18 percent - mainly young people, men and those with no children or grandchildren - said they were against compulsory school uniforms, which had been a common practice in the Soviet Union.
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    Originally posted by Erkki View Post
    Rules to wear scool uniform were not that strict as I remember. My class in 1963 and 1967
    Today difference between families with low and high incomes is tremendous. Teachers have low incomes and kids having luxury garment and accesoires in a scool is not good idea.
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