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Polls that oversample Democrats

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  • Polls that oversample Democrats

    Economist/YouGov poll of July 26-28, 2020, has Biden leading Trump by 49-40

    Sample size-1500

    Party ID
    Democrat-521 (35%)
    Independent-616 (41%)
    Republican-363 (24%)

    See page 7-

    "Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight." -Proverbs 18:17

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    The report claims that the survey used a random sampling. If that's true, then do you really expect a perfect 50/50 (or, in this case, 33/33/33) split among the party affiliation of the respondents?

    How hard would it be, do you think, to find a random sampling poll that "over sampled" Republicans?


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      Polls do this, it's all according to who is doing the poll. It is hard to find an unbiased poll in favor of either side

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        Democrats are over represented in the population.

        It is an unavoidably consequence of the rise of the mid wits.

        Simple solutions for simple people. I'm talking about people with IQs around 120 that because of the dilution of our higher education system have taken over every institution. People just smart enough to have well developed social skills but who are not great problem solvers.
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