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Study of coronavirus cases among students in Sweden andFinland

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  • Vaeltaja
    As i posted the other thread - while schools were only partially closed in Finland and the social distancing part didn't really work as the children could and did still hang around together. So it is not exactly a comparison between going on as normal and shutting everything down.

    Also there never was complete lock down or shutdown in Finland. Masks for have not really been used (it is rare to see one these days let alone earlier). Social distancing was emphasized.

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  • Study of coronavirus cases among students in Sweden andFinland

    Conclusions (p14):

    • Closing of schools had no measurable effect on the number of cases of covid19 among children.
    • Children are not a major risk group of the covid-19 disease and seem to play a less important role from the transmission point of view, although more active surveillance and special studies such as school and household transmission studies are warranted.
    • The negative effects of closing schools must be weighed against the possible positive indirect effects it might have on the mitigation of the covid-19 pandemic.

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