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Are you better off than you were four years ago?

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    Better off ? Well, I'm four years older (for better or worse) and I'm nursing a broken ankle. but by-and-large, yes.
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      I’m sorry, but yes I am better off.

      My taxes were lowered and I got to keep more of my money.
      The price of energy has dropped because of fracking (Obama said we can’t drill our way out of the energy problem, he was wrong.)
      Pre covid my investments were doing great, but even after it, they have mostly recovered.

      The only down side is covid and the riots and looting by the left over events that took place in a city owned and controlled by the left.

      The dems are trying desperately to raise my taxes nationally and in Illinois and also take back a portion of my pension(paid for with deductions from my salary). Or simply not pay it at all.
      So no matter how much trump hurts people’s feelings, I prefer him.
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        Yes. But I feel lucky compared to many. My wife and I both kept our jobs with no cut in hours. My stocks are up. And I've had some majpr health problems corrected.

        I wish things had been better for our fellow citizens.
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