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    Originally posted by Stonewall_Jack View Post

    No American citizen is a second class citizen.

    As modern day tribesmen complaining about their status would be akin to me as an Irishman or Italian claiming that I am discriminated against. Because anybody can go back hundreds or thousands of years and find a certain point where their people might’ve had a rough time.

    In fact I don’t hear about any American not a single one taken down a statue of Tonto or any tribes men leaders. No one has torn down a statue of MLK Junior or Malcolm X. But we have seen statues of Christopher Columbus Italian explorer torn down...But you don’t see me or other Italian Americans at large forming a group called Italian lives matters and then complaining about reparations or discrimination in a country that is free and equal.
    On the first point many would beg to differ.

    On the second... um you support IRA terrorists. Bobby Sands... poster child for those people. You haven’t given up your Irish Catholic history anymore than I’ve given up my Irish Orangeman one.

    As for statues... well I find tearing them down stupid for many reasons, but are you serious in saying that Italian Americans or Irish Americans haven’t have never banded together to fight against a real or imagined injustice? For real? Do you even know your nation’s history?
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    That's right bitches. I'm blessed!


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      Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post
      Haven't we all

      Now if the Lakota were to scalp Trump
      No one is left alive that has the skills to scalp that. If a task force of intertribal elders, witch doctors and shamans can achieve that feat, the scalp will only cause a huge kerfuffle because all that view that scalp will have a theory of what animal or even Bigfoot that the pelt was taken from.

      and take his wives
      Ivana and Marla was sold of years ago to the Five Nations of Iroquois. It used to called the Iroquois Confederation, but then the world Confederation became a hindrance with those down with the movement.

      and cattle,
      Trump have no cattle now and never did have any. Contrary to the reasoning of simpletons, he also owned no slaughtering house or meat processing and packaging. Trump Steaks was just a licensed branding which he made tons of money from despite idiots telling you Trump Steaks was a loser. He got his money from lending his name. He owned nada. I asked some idiot recently what happened to the rest of the product from Trump's cattle. No reply yet after a month. It sucks for fall for TDS hysteria on a regular basis.

      that would be news.
      It would be more fake news.
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        Nobody left alive could scalpe Trump? Lowes has a special on axes, so I cut to close.
        "Ask not what your country can do for you"

        Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

        you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


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