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    Creepy Joe


    Black woman leaves white woman speechless, explains why she won't vote for Joe Biden: 'These Democrats ... they hate black people'
    She blasted Black Lives Matter, too
    In a video that's gone viral, a black woman left a white woman speechless as she explained why she's not voting for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden this fall.
    The woman speaking in the clip — pro-life advocate Bevelyn Beatty, who was preaching in the middle of Seattle's "autonomous zone" recently — told the other woman she realizes many people don't like President Donald Trump. But there's no way she's voting for Biden.
    "You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail [in] the next four years? Put Joe Biden in, watch what happens. You want to see black men get killed substantially like you've never seen before? Put Joe Biden in and watch what happens," she says. "These Democrats — and I'm sorry to say this, I'm not trying to be racist — but they hate black people. These are the same people who fought to keep slavery in. These are the same people who built the KKK. These are the same people who hated us from the beginning. The Republican Party is the party of the blacks ... but all of that history has been torn away."
    TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


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