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Artists believe that non-liberal views can lead to ostracism

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  • Artists believe that non-liberal views can lead to ostracism

    This is a stirring article on Drudge Report. It's a reminder of how totalitarian the Left is and what's at stake in this election.

    "This has resulted in arts sector workers self-censoring around colleagues or bosses if their views are considered “politically incorrect” or express support for Brexit, even thought a majority of the voting public backed it.

    Non-liberal-progressive views on sex, religion, and sexuality were also considered forbidden."

    More than eight in ten people working in culture and the arts feel those with "controversial opinions" risk professional ostracism.
    "It is a fine fox chase, my boys"

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    Nationalist and White baiting is rooting out those who they don’t consider tolerant and obedient to their hypocritical beliefs and using oppression by trying to silence through intimidation like passing antifree speech laws to enforce their order they’re also in a mad rush such as here in Canada to import as many non traditional immigrants to our countries to try and make it easier to gain their political goals
    Self loathing/hatred will end one day as people are getting sick of the results and consequences of it all


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