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Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit

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  • Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit

    THANK GOD! The ultra liberal 9th district has tried to shove liberal policies down the throats on citizens of 8 states. It's been a long time coming, but it's about time for sanity to prevail again.

    When President Trump ticks off his accomplishments since taking office, he frequently mentions his aggressive makeover of a key sector of the federal judiciary — the circuit courts of appeal, where he has appointed 51 judges to lifetime jobs in three years.
    In few places has the effect been felt more powerfully than in the sprawling 9th Circuit, which covers California and eight other states. Because of Trump's success in filling vacancies, the San Francisco-based circuit, long dominated by Democratic appointees, has suddenly shifted to the right, with an even more pronounced tilt expected in the years ahead.

    Trump has now named 10 judges to the 9th Circuit — more than one-third of its active judges — compared with seven appointed by President Obama over eight years.
    Dispite our best intentions, the system is dysfunctional that intelligence failure is guaranteed.
    Russ Travers, CIA analyst, 2001

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    Good. Maybe now we'll see less legislating from the bench out of it.


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      Way past time for someone to it. The 9th Circuit is a pain the keester in Colorado, too. The never met a convict or an insane Democratic law that they didn't really like.

      Judge John Kane regularly received personal mail for inmates and believed every single thing that said.
      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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