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Senator Joni Ernst Just Spilled the Political Beans

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  • Senator Joni Ernst Just Spilled the Political Beans

    This shows that the Republicans are scared of Biden becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.
    Sometimes politicians can't help themselves. They get careless. They say stuff they shouldn't say. They tell the truth that they have been trying to disguise.

    So it went for Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst on Monday night. Following an afternoon at the Senate impeachment trial in which President Donald Trump's legal team made the case -- without any established factual basis-- that former Vice President Joe Biden had acted inappropriately in 2016 when he called for the resignation of the top prosecutor in Ukraine, Ernst told reporters this:

    "Iowa caucuses are this next Monday evening. And I'm really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the Iowa caucus voters, those Democratic caucus goers. Will they be supporting VP Biden at this point?"

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    And here's what Biden said about Ernst's running at the mouth:


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