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Why the Democrats Face an Up Hill Battle Come Election Time

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  • Why the Democrats Face an Up Hill Battle Come Election Time

    One of the worst factors for a candidate trying to unseat an incumbent is a good economy. Alas for our poor Democratic brethren (would be oppressors?) is contained in the following article. N.B. that this a Yahoo article, which are not exceptionally friendly toward we Republicans in general, and Trump in particular (and so not a "right wing conspiracy" rag for those here that only read from their talking points memorandums.

    Why the U.S. economic expansion could continue for years

    In 2019, the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue was “recession.”

    A U.S.-China trade war, an inverted yield curve, and the length of the expansion were just a few of the concerns cited by investors who were still skittish following the market’s worst year since the crisis.

    But easier Fed policy, a softening in the trade war, and better-than-feared economic data helped power the stock market’s best year since 2013.

    And as we enter a new decade, economists across Wall Street are starting to discount not only a recession in 2020, but in the years ahead.

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    In the current interconnected world, we still have not found the model to make predictions of upcoming recessions. Any event in the globe can trigger a recession in the US. If the Brexit does not work well for the EU and Britain, this by itself can be enough to start a recession there and the US exports and economy will feel the consequences as well. And of course, we still remember how the last recession came without any warning as a result of the actions of the same Wall Street analysts who now seem to be so optimistic. The real question is why the GOP and Trump face an uphill battle despite the current economic situation which works for the upper 50-60% of the people who actually vote.
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