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    The New York Times last week revealed investigative video recordings of testimony from members of SEAL Team 7 who reported behavior from Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher. The SEALs called Gallagher a “psychopath.” - The Washington Post

    Gallagher was acquitted of murdering a captured fighter in Iraq but convicted of posing with the detainee's corpse. After restoring Gallagher's rank on Nov. 15, President Trump on Sunday reportedly gave a formal order to halt the military's plans to hold a review board. - Reuters

    Gallagher‘s Instagram account showed a series of photos with Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at their Mar-a-Lago resort over the weekend. - People


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      It’s easy to mistake Donald Trump for a nihilist. The mogul’s purported principles fluctuate so wildly, it’s tempting to conclude that he’s bereft of genuine principles at all. (Before the president championed “the biggest tax cuts in history,” he’d called for a $5.7 trillion tax on the wealth of the superrich; before he defended the “very fine” white supremacists in Charlottesville, he argued that “the central problem with contemporary politicians” was that “they cannot even find it in themselves to immediately denounce a man who winks at barbarism.”)

      But beneath Trump’s ever-shifting imitations of belief lies a thin foundation of true conviction. There are a few precepts to which Trump has remained faithful from one era and rebrand to the next. Chief among them: Winners don’t let abstract precepts or legal niceties constrain their fidelity to a cause, or their aggression toward that cause’s enemies.


      “FREAKING EVIL.” That is how Special Operator First Class Craig Miller described Eddie Gallagher, the chief of his Navy SEAL platoon. Then, he wept.

      The New York Times last week revealed investigative video recordings of testimony from members of SEAL Team 7 who reported behavior from Chief Petty Officer Gallagher that they believed violated the spirit of their profession and the rule of military law. These agonizing accounts make even more appalling President Trump’s unprecedented decision to reverse Chief Gallagher’s demotion and pardon two other service members convicted of war crimes this fall, and to preserve Chief Gallagher’s Trident pin by preempting the plans of Navy commanders.


      Here’s a reminder that the norm-defying nature of the Donald Trump presidency does lasting damage not only to America’s standing in the world, not only to the free press, but to the military Trump claims to revere.

      Recall the case of Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, the Navy SEAL initially charged with war crimes that included the shooting of civilians and murder of a captive, largely based upon the testimony of other SEALs in his platoon. While the murder charges collapsed due to prosecution errors, Gallagher was convicted for taking a picture with a dead ISIS fighter.

      The New York Times obtained copies of the videotaped depositions of the SEALs under Gallagher’s command. The tales they tell are horrifying.

      “The guy is freaking evil,” said one. “The guy was toxic,” said another. A third observed, “You could tell he was perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving.”

      Interfering with the case from early on, Trump eventually pardoned Gallagher, then blocked a disciplining that would have seen Gallagher lose his SEAL status. Last week, he hosted Gallagher at Mar-a-Lago.


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        Let's make it more concise by showing the link with the clips from Hulu's documentary which includes some clips from the videos of the SEAL who surprised the prosecutors by changing his testimony on stand to reveal that it was him and not Gallagher the person who killed the captive.

        Watch Corey Scott’s interview and hear his testimony.
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        My most dangerous mission: I landed in the middle of an enemy tank battalion and I immediately, started spraying bullets killing everybody around me having fun up until my computer froze...


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          In a related matter...The general is absolutely correct:

          An Army general has denied a request by an officer pardoned in an open murder case by President Trump to have his Special Forces tab reinstated, setting up a potential showdown with the commander in chief.

          The decoration for retired Army Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn was denied Dec. 3 by Lt. Gen. Francis M. Beaudette, the commander of U.S. Army Special Operations Command, the Army disclosed Thursday. Beaudette’s decision is not final, and the service said in a statement that it will next have an administrative panel consider whether it should reinstate the Special Forces tab and a Distinguished Service Cross — the U.S. military’s second-highest valor award — and expunge a letter of reprimand Golsteyn received in connection with his case.


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