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The Miller Emails Won't Go Away...

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  • The Miller Emails Won't Go Away...

    Senate Democrats are demanding that President Trump fire Stephen Miller after a watchdog group released hundreds of controversial emails the White House adviser sent prior to his time in the administration.

    Twenty-seven Democrats, led by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calf.), sent Trump a letter on Monday calling for Miller's "immediate removal."

    "Recent reports confirm that he advanced white nationalist, anti-immigrant ideologies. Continuing to employ him as the senior architect of your immigration policies ensures that those policies discriminate against individuals of color to advance white nationalist ideals. He must be removed," the senators wrote.

    The letter is the latest from Democrats and civil rights groups calling for Miller to be fired after the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published summaries of emails the White House aide sent in 2015 and 2016 when he worked as an aide to then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.).

    The emails contain links and references to publications associated with white nationalism and show how Miller coordinated with Breitbart News to shape coverage around immigration and the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

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    Miller is a white supremacist:

    She was already a racist when she took a publishing job in Washington, DC. But when she became a reporter for Breitbart News, Katie McHugh says she was taken to new depths of hate with the help of Stephen Miller.

    Emails show the two were in frequent contact between 2015 and 2016 while he was working for then Sen. Jeff Sessions and later on the Trump presidential campaign.

    McHugh says on Miller's way to the White House, where he is now a senior adviser deeply involved in shaping immigration policy in consonance with his hardline views, he was constantly sending her far-right material, encouraging her to use their arguments in her articles.

    "He was shaping news coverage of a far-right website that was rapidly growing ... and was controlling the narrative behind Donald Trump's candidacy and the tenor of the electorate, especially the Republican electorate," McHugh says. Breitbart supported Trump and as he rose while embracing the site's ideology, so did Breitbart's popularity with readers.


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      Is this a case like the Wikileaks Clinton e-mails, or the Russia hacked Clinton e-mails, or the hacked DNC e-mails...? Just curious...


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        Katie McHugh, as an example, is a primary source witness for Miller's views...

        Do you doubt that Miller is a racist and a white nationalist?


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          Originally posted by Massena View Post
          Katie McHugh, as an example, is a primary source witness for Miller's views...

          Do you doubt that Miller is a racist and a white nationalist?
          Let me rephrase that for you: Do I care that Miller is a racist and White nationalist? Not particularly. I really don't even know who the guy is.

          But, given the plethora of overt and outright bigots in the Obama administration it's no big deal that there's a few in Trump's. The Obama bigots didn't change anything really, and the current crop won't either.

          As for sources calling for this guy's firing, Harris is a sometimes bigot. The SPLC is thoroughly discredited in anything they have to say so can easily and safely be ignored.

          But, to be thorough I read through the SPLC's stuff on him. It amounts to an op ed piece.

          About 90% of what they use against Miller is essentially guilt by association. They go on about some website called VDARE, bring up Breitbart as if just the mention of the site is enough to smear someone. The best part is how they tenuously, and I'm being generous there, link Miller to Hitler in what must be a perfect example of Godwin's Law.

          If Miller is a racist, he isn't much of a racist, and if all you've got to tar him with that label is an SPLC op ed piece then you really don't have anything.


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