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    Originally posted by inevtiab1e View Post
    America is already a mixture of socialism and capitalism. ...
    The Mexican people will not accept the American way of doing things, and I think we all know that.
    I don't know if what works for some very insular little white countries up around the Arctic circle would work for them, either. I think it could be worth a shot, but then you run into the cultural barriers that keep the US model from being accepted.

    Originally posted by inevtiab1e View Post
    Even then, no one is calling for the whole government to be overthrown and turn into a socialist country. That's ridiculous. But that's what some people are taught by certain people in media.
    I think you could find a whole bunch of undocumented refugees here who would call for that. And it would be more than an army of them, it would be a Horde.


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      Mexico is a waste of space, BUILD THE WALL!
      They don't even have a functional waste water system! Look it up.
      Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.


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        Originally posted by wolfhnd View Post
        That is certainly part of what is going on here. English colonies are by and large more successful than continental. What I attribute to nepotism could be thought of as less flexible social mobility and a more class oriented legal system.
        "Dutch" colonies were quite succesful at first, but they were "swamped" by larger numbers of "German", "French" and "English" colonists.

        Spanish colonies in the South are different yet again.

        On top of that there was influx from Africa, and of course mixing with the remnants of the indigenous people….

        But I doubt all those cultural differences would coincide with the current Mexican border, at least it would surprise me if they did

        Originally posted by wolfhnd View Post
        Even if you look at the southern European countries that are traditionally orthodox or Catholic such as Greece, Spain and Italy you can see a similarity with Mexico. There are a variety of reasons including a passivity in the peasantry, higher levels of nepotism, a more rigid class structure, and a slower daily routine. The French are an outlier sharing many of the same characteristics traditionally as the other orthodox or Catholic southern counties but it is more economically successful. While France may have a more vibrant economy it's former colonies such as Haiti or Guyana are some of the poorest in the New World completing the pattern.
        That's the German/Latin "divide" I was talking about yes, sometimes it coincides with the Catholic/Protestant "divide" but certainly not always...

        Generally the first is much older than the second.

        It's remarkable that much of the criticism I hear from US towards Mexico is similar to criticism from Flanders towards Wallonia/Brussels, or Germans towards Greeks for example….

        And it's not constant either, when you start reading 12th century texts, for instance, you see the French(Franks) looking down on Normans and Germans, they had a sense of "national exceptionalism" pretty much before anyone else here did.

        And in pre-Roman times of course, there were really only Greeks and "barbarians"
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