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Neil Cavuto defends Chris Wallace after Trump criticism:

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  • Neil Cavuto defends Chris Wallace after Trump criticism:

    During his "Common Sense" segment on "Your World," Cavuto criticized Trump's reaction to Wallace's "Fox News Sunday" interview with Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and pointed out the difference between "fake news" and accurate reporting that sounds "bad."

    "My colleague Chris Wallace has discovered again the president doesn't distinguish, apparently furious over Chris's interview this past weekend with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise," Cavuto said. "Scalise has steadfastly defended the president on this whole Ukrainian situation. The president likes Steve for that. Let's just say he doesn't like Chris for challenging Scalise Sunday."

    "[email protected] blew the nasty & obnoxious Chris Wallace (will never be his father, Mike!) away on Chris’s lowest rated [sic] (unless I’m on) morning show," Trump tweeted Sunday. "This kind of dumb and unfair interview would never have happened in the @FoxNews past."

    Trump's tweet sounds like he is not aware that Wallace has been @ Fox News since 2003. It is not Wallace the reason for the change in tone. It is the fact that a conman in the WH has no problem to publicly reveal and defend corrupt actions that no decent journalist can ignore without challenging them.

    Anyway, after Smith's departure I think Fox should appease Trump even more and fire Wallace, Cavuto and everybody who dares to challenge guests who defend Trump's actions. Hannity should take the job.

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    Good for Cavuto.

    Chris Wallace is one of the very few on Fox News that is an actual journalist and lives up to journalistic standards in his reporting and interviews.

    Trump thinks/believes that anyone that disagrees with his radical, insulting, and disgusting comments, too many times personal and always out of line, is wrong. And Trump is usually the one that is wrong.
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