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    Originally posted by ljadw View Post

    That US states without the death penalty have a lower murder rate compared to states with death penalty,does NOT mean that if the latter would abolish death penalty theiur murder rate would decrease, one can easily argue the opposite .
    And to say that Jesus opposed the death penalty is WRONG : there is no proof that Jesus opposed the death penalty .When he said to the good murderer: today you willbe in paradise with me, he did not say : you are one of the 4% of innocents . Besides,there was also a bad murderer who would not go to paradise, but to hell .
    He confessed his guilt to Jesus as he pointed out Jesus's innocence to the mob.

    Originally posted by ljadw View Post
    To say that Christianity is a civilised religion will be considered as racism by 80 % of the word population that is not christian .Besides, religion and civilised have nothing to do with each other .
    That 4 % of the executed are innocent is not a serious argument to not execute the 96% others who are not innocent .
    Criminals must be punished,otherwise society will collaps .
    Death penalty is the only way to prevent criminals from taking over society .If the predecessors of Duterte had done their duty, Duterte would not be obliged to declare total war on criminals .
    To get rid of death penalty will not lower the number of mass shootings : California has no death penalty ,but still mass shootings . And there were no mass shootings in California when it still had death penalty .
    A solution to the death penalty would be a Lifer program where those convicted of life with no parole or the death penalty would be stranded on a remote island in the Aleutians chain off Alaska. No guards needed. Escape impossible due to the harsh conditions and stormy conditions of the Bearing Sea. Let them spend the rest of their lives trying to stay alive.

    As posted before, the mass shooters pictured in my post all had one thing in common, they were suffering from extreme mental behavior issues and had been prescribed power behavioral controlling drugs that have known dangerous side effects of triggering violent behavior. The shooters in Columbine also used smuggled in propane tanks in an effort to cause an explosion which thankfully, failed to detonate. Still, the worst mass killing at a school remains the Bath School murders that were blown up by a disgruntle farmer using dynamite.
    “Breaking News,”

    “Something irrelevant in your life just happened and now we are going to blow it all out of proportion for days to keep you distracted from what's really going on.”


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