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  • Now Here's a Big Surprise...

    ...Bolton says that Trump's decision-making is prompted by personal interests:

    Former national security adviser John Bolton derided President Donald Trump's daughter and son-in-law during a private speech last week and suggested his former boss' approach to
    U.S. policy on Turkey
    is motivated by personal or financial interests, several people who were present for the remarks told NBC News.

    According to six people who were there, Bolton also questioned the merits of Trump applying his business acumen to foreign policy, saying such issues can't be approached like the win-or-lose edict that drives real estate deals: When one deal doesn't work, you move on to the next.

    The description was part of a broader portrait Bolton outlined of a president who lacks an understanding of the interconnected nature of relationships in foreign policy and the need for consistency, these people said.
    We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts
    Made weak by time and fate but strong in will
    To strive to seek to find and not to yield.

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    Originally posted by Massena View Post
    ...Bolton says that Trump's decision-making is prompted by personal interests:
    How is this a surprise to you?

    "I don't discuss sitting presidents," Mattis tells NPR in an interview. "I believe that you owe a period of quiet."


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