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    Laura Cooper, the top Pentagon official overseeing U.S. policy regarding Ukraine, told House impeachment investigators last month that President Donald Trump directed the relevant agencies to freeze aid to Ukraine over the summer, according to a transcript of her testimony released Monday.

    Cooper, during Oct. 23 testimony before the three House committees leading the impeachment inquiry into Trump's Ukraine dealings, testified that she and other Pentagon officials had answered questions about the Ukraine assistance in the middle of June — so she was surprised when one of her subordinates told her that a hold had been placed on the funds after an interagency meeting in July.

    “I got, you know, I got a readout from the meeting — there was discussion in that session about the — about OMB [Office of Management and Budget] saying that they were holding the Congressional Notification related to” Ukraine, Cooper testified, according to the transcript.

    Cooper, according to the transcript of her testimony, described the hold as "unusual."
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    A simple question.....where does she say it was quid pro quo?

    Remember, Trump from the very beginning stated he was concerned about corruption in Ukrainia.

    If it is the policy of the US to give aid to corrupt governments.....please provide a link to that.

    "I don't discuss sitting presidents," Mattis tells NPR in an interview. "I believe that you owe a period of quiet."


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      A far better question is what relevance do people 5 to 10 offices removed from the President, if not more, have on the subject? She has ZERO idea where any of what she's talking about originated. Trump sure didn't send her directly some memo or whatever. She's too far down the food chain of the bureaucracy for that.

      Yet, this sort of low level (compared to the White House) under flunky in the bureaucracy is what's being trotted out as the expert, be-all, end-all, knowledge of what Trump was doing personally in foreign affairs with Ukraine.

      Want to bet she's a registered Democrat, voted for Hillary, and hates Trump? Right now, I'd say that's a sure bet. It's a far cry from the Clinton or Nixon impeachment when the Democrats are trotting out a bunch of like-mined, partisan "witnesses" who are nothing but the sort of apparatchik show trial witnesses denouncing an enemy of the state knowing full well their testimony is utter BS but it will improve their chances of promoting and surviving to retirement.


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