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Trump is finally bringing troops Saudi Arabia

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  • Trump is finally bringing troops Saudi Arabia

    Pentagon announces new troop deployments to Saudi Arabia

    The Pentagon will deploy about 1,500 extra troops to Saudi Arabia in answer to requests by the leading US military commander in the Middle East and, in part, because the US Navy is unable to send a relief aircraft carrier to deter potential Iranian aggression, multiple US officials tell CNN.

    I thought that we ignored the butchering of a civilian in the SA because we wanted to sell the Saudis weapons.

    Cannot they defend themselves?

    I mean if we judge that the the Kurds can do it against the Turks, we should certainly let the saudis take care of some third rated drones
    My most dangerous mission: I landed in the middle of an enemy tank battalion and I immediately, started spraying bullets killing everybody around me having fun up until my computer froze...

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    I agree with you. The Saudis can ore than afford to look after themselves, and their terrorist Wahabist allies.
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      The question to ask here is: Why can't the Navy send another carrier...?


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