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Trump v Windfarms in Scotland

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  • Trump v Windfarms in Scotland

    Refusing to pay another bill...?

    Donald Trump’s family firm is refusing to accept a legal bill worth tens of thousands of pounds after he lost a lengthy court battle against a windfarm near his Aberdeenshire golf course, according to the Scottish government.
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    The Scottish government has said Trump’s firm has refused to accept the sum it had put forward or reach an agreement on costs, so the case is now in the hands of a court-appointed adjudicator.

    “As the amount of expenses has not been agreed, we are awaiting a date for the auditor of the court of session to determine the account. We expect payment when this has been completed,” a government spokeswoman said.
    From the article.

    So, the issue is there's a dispute over the amount to be paid and the Trump firm didn't take the government's bill at face value. What's the big deal here? Bigger corporations do this sort of thing all the time. Haggling for a better price is normal.


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      Scotland electric cost are three times the average in the U.S.

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        Originally posted by wolfhnd View Post
        Scotland electric cost are three times the average in the U.S.

        Trump knew Scotland's electric cost beforehand

        Also, availability of natural resources and population density is not the same t make so easily comparisons of electric cost across different countries
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