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Impeachment v Coup

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    Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post

    Unless you can show specific criminal activity linked to that, what you are claiming is simply a political charge against him. That is, you don't like his actions in office. I know the Democrats don't.
    Impeachment is a political action. Usually it's taken against an elected or appointed official for specific actual enumerated crimes they've committed while in office. Typically, the politician being impeached is either already charged with specific criminal activity or in some cases, has been tried and convicted of criminal charges.
    When it is used as a purely political maneuver-- That is, the person being impeached is being done so for specific political reasons-- it rarely works unless both parties (or all parties) have some degree of involvement wanting that person out of office. I gave the example of Arizona's governor, Ev Mecham. He had specific criminal charges pending against him (he was later acquitted of), and both parties, but particularly the Democrats who in part thought he was unfairly elected, wanted him out of office. Without Republican support, Mecham wouldn't have been impeached. As it was, the action cost the Democrats heavily in following elections as voters thought their actions were simply vindictive to a big degree.

    Obama did many things in office that were highly questionable, and every bit as bad as anything Trump's done, like using the IRS to attack political enemies. The difference is his party did everything they could to cover for him, and the MSM was more than obliging in running a cover-up for him as well by downplaying or ignoring stories that were damaging.

    You can say so, but without the Republicans in Congress buying in, and at least reasonable levels of public support outside the Democrat party, the Democrats are headed to a train wreck. History is quite clear on this. Using impeachment as a tool to eliminate your political opposition, no matter how despised, is a losing proposition. You need buy in from the public and other political parties, and the Democrats don't have it.

    Right now, the Democrats are doing this:

    They have decided to impeach Trump.
    Now that they have, they're fishing around for a sufficient reason.
    They're having the MSM try to whip up public support for impeachment.

    That's where they're at. They know they need Republican buy-in to do it. They may be insane but they're not that stupid. So, they move forward on trying to find a reason, any reason, to go forward with their conclusion. It's two parts Kafka, one part Stalin.

    That held true for Mecham, Andrew Johnson, and even Bill Clinton. Mecham got impeached when his own party bought into doing it and the public thought it should be done. Johnson squeaked by by one vote under similar circumstances. Bill Clinton was clearly not going to get impeached because there was marginal public support outside of Republicans, and the Democrats weren't buying in.
    um I need you to do me a favor when coming from the president is specific and an abuse of power. when that request is directed at yoru political opponent.

    And to your point um unless people are stupid they better have buy in on impeachement because when a dem is in office Trumps accepted conduct is going to be the measuring stick.


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