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US Attorney Blasts White Supremacists

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  • US Attorney Blasts White Supremacists

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    Good, seems Trump defunding some of these programs hasn't affected someone doing their job

    Department of Homeland Security strategy adds white supremacy to list of threats


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      That is good news!


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        White supremacy poses the biggest threat to the peace and security of this nation, but unfortunately it cannot be resolved or quelled through counter-terrorism efforts.

        What we have is a cultural issue which can't be solved by law alone. This is also not directly tied to Trump or who the DHS does or does not list as threats. Our cultural issue is tied to the shifting demographics in America in conjunction with a mentality of white supremacy that has always existed and never truly addressed. A lot of people don't realize how many conservatives believe in white supremacy, but once you do know the numbers, it's impossible to deny just how far-reaching this issue really is.

        Until the root cause is addressed, the threat of white supremacy will grow as the nation becomes more and more diverse. This also speaks to a culture of entitlement. We have people in this country who feel so entitled that the very existence of other races drives them to violence and hatred. But, that's another discussion.

        That all said, Germany would be an interesting case study into how you shift a culture from one that's racist and bigoted to one that's open and diverse. Adding white supremacist to a list, isn't enough.
        "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
        - Benjamin Franklin

        The new right wing: hate Muslims, preaches tolerance for Nazis.


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          The German case would not work here. It might work around San Francisco and Austin, but the majority of Americans will not support it. I am not a supremacist. I treat everyone equal until they screw it up.

          Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

          Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

          by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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            Maybe they can go after groups like Antifa next...


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              I don't know if you mean they as in individual, or they as in a group.

              The people around San Francisco aren't really the threat.

              Of course, any form of Germany's denazification wouldn't work in America. I wouldn't support it either as it would require a significant expansion of government powers. But, there are still some lessons to be learned there. Primary of which, the fact that you cannot defeat white supremacy by only changing the laws and then sweeping everything under the rug. There was a concerted effort in Germany to change the culture. Something America needs.

              How and to what degree is the question.

              I personally would start by ending segregation and stop glorifying Amerikkka's past and teach real history in all its darkness. But, even that wouldn't be enough and going further is where things could get tricky.
              "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
              - Benjamin Franklin

              The new right wing: hate Muslims, preaches tolerance for Nazis.


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                Two posts addressing the poster and not the post were removed.
                Please follow forum rules in this thread and cease personal sniping
                Thank you
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                  Originally posted by Phaing

                  You and the two guys posting above you sound saltier than any CPUSA recruiters I've ever met, but you are the worst! In one post you advocate vigilantism, population replacement, enforced racism to counteract racism, and ever-increasing standards of political & racial purity .... literally using a square of wrongs to make a right.
                  You must have me confused for someone else.

                  And I think you are wrong about the violence, or just blind to it.
                  Would you like to see a picture of the faces of the people who have committed mass-shootings so far this year?

                  For the sake of argument let's say this is accurate. Understand that I have advocated for the feds to be sent into these high crime areas in order to stop the violence that's taking place there! So, this isn't a matter of focusing on white while ignoring black. It's a matter of addressing everything. White supremacy, sorry it's the biggest cultural issue right now, but that's not to say nothing else matters. The threat of white supremacy is something the government has traditionally ignored. They will send so called black extremists to jail for posts they make on social media, infringing on their right to free speech, while giving the white extremist far more leeway. Secondly, you also need to look at who, in the government's eye, qualifies as a black extremist. MLK, according to the FBI was one of them.

                  As it relates to the discussion of this thread, gang violence is primarily restricted to inner cities, thus does not pose as large of a threat to the populace outside of those areas.

                  It is white extremists who have made Walmarts, movie theaters, schools, churches, malls, etc less safe. In other words, gang violence is not disrupting your everyday life, white supremacy however, is. Secondly, it is these same white extremist who will only become increasingly more aggressive, the more diverse America becomes. Not to mention, they have the support of a major political party behind them. So, yes. They are the biggest threat facing this nation.

                  That is what being blind to what your own people are doing will get you, and if you really are as blind as your rhetoric seems to be, you could be the next one shot.
                  My people are all Americans. I don't deny people of other races from being my brother. All I care is that they're American.

                  You aren't going to call me a racist now, are you? You'd have to be awesome at guessing my own race if you do. If you get it wrong, you'll sound dumber than Roseanne Barr's last fan.
                  No. I don't care if you are. You are allowed to hold whatever beliefs you want. As long as you're not acting on your beliefs in a way that's detrimental for others, then I don't care.
                  "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
                  - Benjamin Franklin

                  The new right wing: hate Muslims, preaches tolerance for Nazis.


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