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  • Trump's Default Position

    Every time there is a negative news report on Trump, his answer is 'fake news.' The definition of fake news is news that Trump does not agree with. And he cannot prove his assertion...why is that?

    He's like the little boy who cried wolf. He lies and cannot help himself.

    'President Trump on Wednesday blasted The Washington Post over a report that he urged aides to do whatever is necessary to complete construction of the wall along the southern border, and that he would pardon them if they broke the law.'

    'The president dismissed the report, which was published Tuesday night and included on the record comments from the White House press office, as a "totally Fake story."'

    '"This was made up by the Washington Post only in order to demean and disparage - FAKE NEWS!" Trump tweeted.'

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    'Through his pardons of political allies, conservative defenders and others convicted of federal crimes, President Trump throughout his term has sent indirect signals of his willingness to help those close to him escape punishment.'

    'And now, the president has entwined that message with his chief campaign promise — by privately assuring aides that he would pardon them of any potential illegality as the administration rushes to build his vaunted border wall before he returns to the ballot next November.'

    'The notion has alarmed congressional Democrats, who had been investigating potential obstruction of justice on Trump’s part as the House continues to weigh whether to launch impeachment proceedings once lawmakers return to Washington next month.'

    'Rep. David N. Cicilline (R.I.), a member of the House Democratic leadership and the House Judiciary Committee, said any suggestion that Trump would encourage subordinates to break the law by promising pardons is “appalling” and worthy of further investigation by the panel.'

    '“Sadly, this is just one more instance of a president who undermines the rule of law and behaves as if he’s a king and not governed by the laws of this country,” Cicilline said in an interview Wednesday. “He is not a king, he is accountable … I think it just adds to the ongoing proceeding before the Judiciary Committee as we consider whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the president.”'


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