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Article II of the US Constitution

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  • Massena
    started a topic Article II of the US Constitution

    Article II of the US Constitution

    Trump has incorrectly stated that Article II of the Constitution allows him to do anything he wants. It doesn't, but now Trump is exceeding his authority by 'ordering' US companies out of China. The US president does not have the authority to 'rule by decree.'

    'President Trump’s extraordinary edict demanding U.S. companies move out of China — delivered in a series of angry tweets Friday — left industries of every stripe scrambling to understand how seriously to take the order, and how the White House might enforce it.

    'Trump does not have the authority to “duly order” companies to leave China, according to Jennifer Hillman, a Georgetown University law professor and trade expert at the Council on Foreign Relations.'

    'He does have power under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to prevent future transfers of funds to China, “but only if he has first made a lawful declaration that a national emergency exists,” she said.'

    'Congress could terminate the declaration if it wishes, she said.'