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Appeals Court Clears Way to Deny Asylum

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  • Appeals Court Clears Way to Deny Asylum

    A federal appeals court will allow the the US Border Patrol to deny asylum in New Mexico and Texas but not Arizona and California.

    Court: US can reject asylum along parts of Mexico border

    The policy would deny asylum to anyone who passes through another country on the way to the U.S. without seeking protection there. Most crossing the southern border are Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty, who would largely be ineligible. The policy would also apply to people from Africa, Asia, and South America who come to the southern border to request asylum.

    If the policy is implemented, ineligible migrants who cross in New Mexico and Texas could be detained and more quickly deported. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.
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    I don't understand why Arizona and California were excluded if this was a 9th circuit decision.


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      It had more to do with where 'asylum' seekers are crossing than anything. The New Mexico and Texas borders, South Texas in particular, are where they are coming across most right now.


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