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Russian Mercenaries Sponsored by Putin

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  • Russian Mercenaries Sponsored by Putin

    Russian mercenaries have been reported operating on three continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe) with Putin's blessing, if not his direction.

    These are the guys that got hit by US air strikes in Syria awhile back and lost between 200-300. This is going to be a continuing problem for the US and NATO.

    'On Monday, CNN reporter Clarissa Ward explained the shadowy operations of the Wagner Group, a paramilitary organization that experts believe is under the control of the Kremlin - and which is used to exert Russia's might and disrupt politics around the world.'

    'I think everybody knows by now that hybrid warfare is one of the most valuable tools Russian President Vladimir Putin has in his arsenal, whether it's misinformation campaigns, election meddling as the U.S. saw in the 2016 election or increasingly the use of mercenaries,' said Ward. 'Russian mercenaries are popping up, as we learned, in countries across the globe, often unstable countries, they're being used to boost Russian influence, but also to outmaneuver geopolitical rivals such as the U.S.'
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