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Oregon passes trainwreck of a bill

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  • Oregon passes trainwreck of a bill

    Oregon just made into law a bill that gives any worker, down to minimum wage, 12 weeks of paid time off for a variety of excuses / reasons. Sure, you have to work 25 weeks to get this benefit, but once you work your 25 weeks, you simply plop down one of the reasons and it's 12 weeks free money! Sweden, among other European nations had something like this back in the 70's and 80's. They reduced the benefit from 90% to 75% and saw a reduction by half the number of sick days taken.

    Oregon will experience the same thing. People, particularly at the bottom end of the wage scale were getting a job is relatively easy, will simply game the system. All you need is a sick "significant other" and you're golden. Find an illness-- like one would for "medical" marijuana -- and you're set.

    You can take it to the bank that's what will happen with this bill.

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    Absolutely. It's free money. I can't imagine what Oregon was thinking. This is what I would expect from California. And who, I wonder, is going to end up paying for this? The state can pass a cockamammy law, but that doesn't pay for the inevitable skaters. The businesses get tuck with that.

    We need a new law that simply says that whatever the government decrees must be paid for out of government funds, and may NOT be passed on in the form of taxes.


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