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San Francisco waste 600k removing George Washington mural

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  • Originally posted by TactiKill J. View Post

    No need. We already know his accomplishments and his faults. You already presented a good, albeit brief, list of his accomplishments so we can operate off of that. None of the things you've listed (as a whole or individually) outweigh slavery. That is, when solely judging his morals. Now, if you have a different opinion, that's fine. We don't have to agree.
    Just how does this address the article about freed slaves owning slaves?
    Dispite our best intentions, the system is dysfunctional that intelligence failure is guaranteed.
    Russ Travers, CIA analyst, 2001


    • Mates, I don't know why it is so difficult for some of you to express your thoughts without insulting or launching into personal comments against your interlocutors - but this behaviour will be coming to an end one way or another.
      This is a military history forum which just so happens to have a few places where members can discuss political topics. It reflects poorly upon this entire forum when people stumble into threads like this and find members calling each other pathological liars, accusing them of having their head up their ***, or suggesting they are drinking or doing drugs. If there is a single non-technical reason why people have left this forum, it is behaviour such as this.
      As stated, this will be coming to an end one way or another. The owners of this forum are already mulling over the possibility of removing the political forums outright. This is not necessarily an option favoured by staff, which is why staff have recently been taking a more aggressive approach in moderating - an attempt to save your political sandbox and not have it yanked out from under your collective *****. Otherwise, you might all log in one day and find this part of the forum gone.

      On a related note, one member recently complained that ACG practices more censorship than facebook and twitter. Bullocks!
      Thousands of accounts on facebook and twitter have been closed and removed for primarily political reasons. Only in extreme cases has anyone ever been banned from ACG for political reasons, and this primarily due to Holocaust or War Crimes denial. Staff does not care about members' political persuasions, does not care if you are pro/anti abortion, pro/anti gun ownership, liberal or conservative, left or right. Staff is only concerned with how you choose to express those views - specifically, whether you find it necessary to insult your opponents in the process.

      The choice is yours whether the political forums will continue. Cease the personal comments and you will be choosing their continued existence. Otherwise, your may find them no longer here. It is not a staff decision.
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