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Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments

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    Originally posted by craven View Post

    ohh me me me

    debt reduction

    Trump debt inflation

    Wonder how the economy would of taken off under Obama if he got to spend another 500b a year.
    It took our nation nearly 200 years to get to $10 Trillion plus in National(Guv'mint) Debt;

    It took "community organizer" Barry Obama only eight years to nearly double that;

    Works out to an average of about one and a quarter Trillion$ per year your never did much of anything on wealth creation(private sector) wonder boy was in office.

    Granted, there is a bit of momentum and inertia involved and a co-operative Congress helping is essential, but remains to be seen where we are come 2020, or 2024.

    BTW, you don't spend taxpayer revenue, or increased Debt in Barry's case ("...if he got to spend another 500b a year."), to "improve" an economy. Best formula is usually to get out of the way and remove/reduce Guv'mint obstructions to the economy.
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      Originally posted by Anthrax View Post
      Many of the accomplishments on this list are just a rewording of the same thing, or like Trumps pants crotch, padded.
      Please document your LW propaganda claims.
      So far appears you either didn't read those thirteen pages, or understand them.
      Not surprised, socialists seldom understand economics or efficient and effective government.
      TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


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        Accomplishment 292
        Dow Jones surpassed 27,000
        “Someone who doesn’t know is less stupid than someone who wrongly think he knows."


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          Another take;

          73 Important Accomplishments so far by

          President Trump

          (A Partial List)

          From an interesting site;
          Veterans in Defense of Liberty

          TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


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