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why American cars all look alike

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      Originally posted by inevtiab1e View Post
      Too much AM radio. 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. We all see what RW outlets can do to the minds of people.
      I call B.S. on that for several reasons.

      1- you are assuming that only RIght Wingers own (or drive, ever, for any reason including work) are driving Pickup trucks.

      2- your post (along with all the others you make) show that Leftists are the ones that are obsessed with Politics and relentlessly inject it into every possible subject at every possible opportunity.

      3 What AM radio shows play 6 days and week for 12 hours a day? As long as you are being absurd w/o showing any trace of Humor, why not claim 24/7? Why not claim Coast2Coast is too "RW" and assault their sponsors with the usual bot-based phony outrage?

      This was supposed to be about cars, not more Leftist hatred and venom.
      Now I see that nothing can ever be that way again, thanks to your people.
      "Why is the Rum gone?"

      -Captain Jack


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        When you look at specific demographics, there is a definite difference in vehicle types in many locations. Pickups are very common here in rural/farming/ranch/ largely blue collar conservative West, while SUVs and huge Spewts are quite common in affluent areas such as Colorado Springs and Denver. And interesting, the choice of vehicle in the gang areas is often a large luxury SUV.


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