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Director Mueller Speaks in Public for the First Time...

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  • Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
    and found Trump cleared of collusion...
    He found insufficient evidence for a charge of *conspiracy*, "collusion" apparently is not a crime defined anywhere in US law,

    it's just a word people like to use
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    • Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post

      He found insufficient evidence for a charge of *conspiracy*, "collusion" apparently is not a crime defined anywhere in US law,

      it's just a word people like to use
      It is a word used by the Democrats in their attempts to impeach Trump ; the man whom they have chosen to prove this collusion,has been forced to say : there is no proof of collusion .


      • Originally posted by slick_miester View Post

        Yeah, I hear what you're saying, but you're overlooking one salient fact: a fair number of House Democrats put a lot of stock in Meuller's report, raised a lot of expectations for that report. If he doesn't testify -- either voluntarily or under subpoena -- then the whole country will ask, "what was the point of Mueller's probe?" On the other hand, if the committee subpoenas him, then they don't even have vasoline with which to smooth out the reaming he'll likely get once he's in front of the panel. Some way to thank your friend, eh. ( Makes you wonder if Mueller wasn't promised before taking the job that he wouldn't have to testify, or at the very least that the committee wouldn't subpoena him . . . . ) Either way, it's lose-lose.

        Guess I'll have to read that damned report for myself. . . . . Not that i want to . . . .

        With respect to trump, you've hit the nail on the head.
        If, as mueller claims, he could not indict trump then what was the point of a special counsel or even the investigation of trump?
        If the law said it was a dead end no matter what happened, why continue the investigation and pretend it was going somewhere?
        Was he lying to himself or just to us?

        I don't think that it is plausible that Mueller continued an investigation for 2 years even though it would never lead to anything.
        Instead, I think it is more reasonable to believe he is upset that he failed in his effort to become part of history by bringing down a president and is trying to get in one last word as he heads for the door.

        If there was evidence to charge trump, then recommend it.
        If he was never going to be able to recommend charges against trump, then he should have said so 2 years ago, but he didn't.
        And we are supposed to respect his opinions?
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        • Originally posted by inevtiab1e View Post

          You know, none of those people speak for democrats.
          Robert Kennedy Jr is no Democrat ?
          Dana Bash is not working for a Democrat media
          Bill Kristol did not exhort to impeach Trump, he did not say that he would vote for Hillary ?
          The NYT is not a Democratic newspaper ?


          • The Democrats are panicking and the rats are leaving the sinking ship ,trampling each other.
            Phil Mudd ( the man who arrogantly said that DS would kill Trump ) said yesterday on CNN :

            Clock is ticking for Democrats before Barr finds out how the Trump probe started .
            Source : Real Clear Politics .
            The reason for the panic is the fear that MI6 agent Steele will talk and will frame the clients to save his neck .
            The honour code of criminals .
            They will all say : Wir haben es nicht gewust, we know nothing . But in vain .


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