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  • McCain on Trump

    Senator Klobuchar commenting and McCain's comments regarding Trump and dictators during the inauguration in January 2017:

    Trump is an authoritarian, admires foreign dictators, and is continuously abusing the power of the presidency.

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    Okay, I'll bite. How is Trump an "authoritarian?" Can you give some specific examples of his authoritarianism? Which foreign dictators does he admire? Do list some of them.
    I won't even press you for the "abuse of power" claim... yet...


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      Actually he's done the exact opposite. He's cut regulations and bureaucracies.

      The Trump administration has released the new Spring 2018 edition of the twice-yearly Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions.

      The Unified Agenda, around since the early 80s, is hardly riveting reading and most people have not heard of it. However, it has long revealed regulatory priorities of the federal bureaucracy, and Trump’s emphasis on regulatory liberalization and reviewing the inventory for cuts is unique.

      The administration emphasized that it is on track to meet commitments—basically eliminating at least two significant regulations for every new one added—under Trump’s Executive Order 13771 on Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs.

      While a dollar amount for cost savings was provided in 2017 of $8 billion (in present value terms) anticipated for that year, and $10 billion in the current 2018 fiscal year, an update on that figure was not provided this week. However, the White House says it is on track have a below-zero regulatory budget; that is, regulatory costs should not be going up, but should stay flat or decline. Priorities include removing burdens for infrastructure, for emerging technology, and for small business. With respect to public engagement, the White House stressed goals for more transparency, public notice, and due process in rulemaking.

      Upgrades to the Unifed Agenda include attempting to better identify duplicative regulatory actions and what’s not working, and also to improve performance at independent agencies -- even though these bodies are not bound by the Trump executive order.

      The fall 2018 Unified Agenda is likely to provide more specifics on the two-for-one later this year. But we can look at the new numbers ourselves and compare them to 2017’s claims of exceeding the 2-for-1 goal with a 22-to-1 out/in ratio, since only three new regulatory actions were imposed while 67 deregulatory actions were taken. Several of these were Obama-era regulations eliminated by the Congressional Review Act; repeals signed into law by Trump.

      Credo quia absurdum.

      Quantum mechanics describes nature as absurd from the point of view of common sense. And yet it fully agrees with experiment. So I hope you can accept nature as She is - absurd! - Richard Feynman


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        Now from MSN more tripe from the Leftist Propaganda Minister.
        My worst jump story:
        My 13th jump was on the 13th day of the month, aircraft number 013.
        As recorded on my DA Form 1307 Individual Jump Log.
        No lie.

        "Everything looks all right. Have a good jump, eh."
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