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    About 50 years ago we thought we were a bit overlooked, unknown, maybe even neglected. A near forgotten corner of the nation.

    Then a couple/few decades ago Seattle was pegged as best and most livable city in the nation and the hordes began arriving. Not just to visit, but to stay and the growth since has changed things a lot. Skyrocketing real estate prices, traffic congestion, the usual to be expected ...

    Now "they" have gone and done this and it will be even harder to preserve what we had that many of us were hoping to keep secret.

    OK, please come to visit, but don't relocate

    Why Washington Is the Best State in America
    Cleaner energy and a booming tech sector help the Evergreen State lead the nation in the 2019 U.S. News Best States ranking.
    SEATTLE — That Washington state boasts a booming economy is hardly a shock. The state is home to, after all, and a mature tech sector led by Microsoft. Washington apples, wheat, hops and grapes feed and inebriate the world. Boeing Co. aircraft circle it.

    But Washington has a supercharger: power.

    Cheap, climate-friendly electricity drives Washington's economy, the nation's fastest growing, according to the U.S. News' Best States ranking of economic growth. The tech-heavy state's expectedly strong broadband network sits atop one of the nation's best electrical systems, one well-positioned as the country shifts away from coal- and natural gas-generated electricity. The state expects to be coal-free by 2025, while still charging rates among the nation's lowest.
    Cleaner power is increasingly a priority for large businesses, particularly those in the tech sector. That sector's growth in and around Seattle has made the state a hub for invention while drawing droves of young, educated workers. Seattle-headquartered Amazon dominates e-commerce and cloud computing globally, while a resurgent Microsoft and rapidly expanding life-sciences sector that includes startup stars Adaptive Biotechnologies and Sana Biotechnologies are generating new technologies at a rapid clip.

    Older corporate powerhouses founded or headquartered in the Seattle area – Starbucks, Costco, T-Mobile and Boeing – have been eclipsed by Amazon, whose recent growth remade Seattle's downtown core and recast its skyline. Washington’s gross domestic product growth rate – 5.7 percent in 2018, the highest in the nation – is largely thanks to that tech expansion, which has driven up real estate values.
    It follows, then, that the state ranks highly – third in the nation – for economy in U.S. News' latest Best States rankings. It also places No. 2 for infrastructure, No. 4 for health care and No. 4 for education. Washington's showing in these categories also helps it achieve the overall No. 1 ranking among states this year.
    But despite the top 5 placements, each area shows deficiencies in access to high-quality systems: Washington lags in opportunity, ranking between Alaska and Kentucky at No. 19. And, while the state's infrastructure ranks second in the nation thanks to strengths in energy and internet access, its transportation system is middling and average commute times are among the longest in America.

    Necessities, particularly housing, are beyond the means of many workers in booming areas of the state. An acute lack of affordable housing has been accompanied by yearslong waits for subsidized rentals in the Seattle area, where roadside greenbelts and sidewalks are packed with tents and shanties.

    So yeah, a few days ago it was sunny, clear blue skies and in the low 80s; today it's overcast cloudy, rainy(usual drizzles), and cool low 60s. Weather changes here, often and sometimes in wide swings. It helps to be flexible and have webbed feet.
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    I was stationed at Fort Lewis for several years and loved every minute of it. Even got to like the rain!
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