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    Originally posted by MarkV View Post

    Back when I was eleven I contracted meningitis. Our GP was a kindly old buffer, excellent bedside manner, full of compassion and incompetent and completely mis-diagnosed me Fortunately he still sent me off to hospital where the houseman, a refugee from what was then Indo China, all clinical efficiency recognised the symptoms correctly and had me pumped so full of penicillin that my back side resembled a pin cushion. Yes civilian or military I would want compassion from my doctor but above all I want competence.
    Then you were lucky, because you were treated by a foreign medical graduate - not licensed to even practice in America - and lived.

    How do I know he wasn't licensed? Because licensing requires graduation from an American medical school, as does the required follow-up board certification.

    Even PA's in America require that.
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      Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post

      You can be compassionate if you learn to compartmentalize. Otherwise, you won't survive.
      Guess you're right. I'd slit my wrist if I worked a NICU for a month. Those nurses have got to be the toughest people on the planet.
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        50% of all Doctors finshed in the bottom half of their class WOW
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