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The Trumps are not Qualified to Determine What Americans Need...

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    Trump is more than qualified to say what Americans need. Heís the only figure in the public eye that can party with liberal Democrats, then speak for the millions of people who are snubbed by Washington bureaucrats.

    The swamp needed a reality check, and they still wonít take it. Itís embrassing really, and weak. America was founded for representative government.
    "It is a fine fox chase, my boys"

    "It is well that war is so terrible-we would grow too fond of it"


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      What do the Trumps know about the average Americans. Have they ever worked, as in getting hands dirty and breaking a sweat?

      As far as draining the swamp, it has only gotten worse by x degrees. Tax brakes for the rich is just filling it up with more slime. Do you know how many millionaires there are in Congress?

      That's not darning the swamp, that's plugging the drain.
      "Ask not what your country can do for you"

      Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

      youíre entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


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        Originally posted by The Exorcist View Post
        Only Socialist multi-millionaires are allowed to determine what everyone needs, and is allowed to have or want.
        Just ask any Democrat.
        Such as Soros and Steyer whom do major funding of the Loonie-Left in this country.
        TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


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          Originally posted by G David Bock View Post

          Such as Soros and Steyer whom do major funding of the Loonie-Left in this country.
          Soros's mouthpieces, Media Matter and Politico, ordered Democrats to stay away from APAC, and most of them submitted.

          State mandated anti-Semitism won't be far off, ir creeps like Omar and Cortez have their way.
          "Why is the Rum gone?"

          -Captain Jack


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