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Junior's Ignornat Comment on Teachers and American Education

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    Originally posted by Massena View Post
    The education system has an obligation not only to educate, but to produce, or help to produce, a good citizen. That encompasses the 'work force' and much more besides.
    That's true. But, radical Leftist programs using methods like Critical Pedagogy and pushing Social and Economic Justice, as the Left defines those, produce the exact opposite. They produce poorly educated radicals that want to destroy "the system" rather than work within it, or help make it better.

    Tucson's Raza Studies program students riot at a city hall meeting:

    Note: Zaner-Bloser is a major corporation producing books for schools and education.

    David Stovall is a radical Leftist. The lady on the microphone at the protest gives nothing but empty rhetoric. Listen to her. When she says their graduation rate is higher than average, it's made up statistics. I discovered that is a consistent pattern with Social Justice programs. Why? Because the program is empty of actual learning. Stovall's classes on Rate my Professor are listed as simplistic (a 1 to a 2) while he's rated as a "Fun" professor with high (4.5 +) scores. That is, his classes are fun and useless.

    The article quoted is one in the Arizona Republic that I put Doug MacEachern onto about Stovall and other Leftist radicals that were involved in the Raza Studies program indoctrinating teachers.


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