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Border Backlash

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  • Border Backlash

    It looks like Trump's 'national emergency' isn't too popular along the southern border. Trump's comment yesterday that 'I didn't have to do it' may be the beginning of its undoing.

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    Trump Sings Praises of Hannity and Limbaugh in Rose Garden

    President Trump, who praised several media supporters in a White House news conference on Friday, added that “they don’t decide policy.”CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

    "Ask not what your country can do for you"

    Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

    you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


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      Hannity and Limbaugh are two of the right wing nuts who tell Trump what to do and what not to do.


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        So, an article that quotes Progressive Democrats, open border advocates, some locals of no particular intellect in a microdot of a town, and somehow draws from that the conclusion that everyone-- or a majority-- of border residents are upset with Trump's wall.

        Another $h!+ hole article by a paper that has one of the most serious TDS cases in America.


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          Democratic lawmakers, states and others mulling legal challenges to President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration to obtain funds to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall face an uphill and probably losing battle in a showdown likely to be decided by the conservative-majority Supreme Court, legal experts said.
          Trying hard to be the Man, that my Dog believes I am!


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            Here in Texas there doesn't appear to be much opposition to the idea that we have a secure border.

            I think the 'backlash' is much like the claims of the 'blue wave', 'a tough judge will hammer the case on Monday', and 'Hillary will win': wishful thinking.

            Any man can hold his place when the bands play and women throw flowers; it is when the enemy presses close and metal shears through the ranks that one can acertain which are soldiers, and which are not.


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