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CNN declines our reporter after finding out wall works

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    depends on the show. The good point and counter point shows job is inform. BTW good is defined as not just using talking points to talk past each other but actually debating the pros and cons.

    Straight news is to report what is happening.

    So reporting just what Donalad or any other politician says is needed is kind of stupid unless your going to be dumb enough to live on talking points.

    How often have you seen Politician A say X While Politician B says Y without any challenge or probing of those two positions how are we suppose to know if both are full of it or maybe both have a good point but in different areas.


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      What I've noticed with the polling on this is that much of it is quite disingenuous in its design. Take for example this CBS News poll:

      The problem with that is it isn't weighted by party preference. Since Independent / no-party preference is now the largest block of voters that needs to be weighted in. CBS also doesn't tell you how many of each group were polled. If polling were equal between the three then the same weighting problem is present. If, the pollsters were trying to get a specific response, they might have weighted the sample in their favor.

      We don't know and CBS doesn't say. They show you their poll and expect you not to question it.

      I'd say on sanctuary cities, it's pretty clear that a majority want them to obey laws and comply with and help the federal government with the exception of Democrats. But, the poll weighs out in favor of Democrats so it is not accurate. That can be determined very easily from simply taking their results adding each group's answer and getting a mean value: Opposed would then equal 46% and in favor of, 48.6%. So, there had to be weighting added in to get values of 48% opposed 47% for which is the reverse of a simple mean.


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