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This could happen in America

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    Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post

    Who do the cartels sell to? Who employees the illegals? Need a hint? Americans. No market, no trade and selling. don't blame others, that's Trumps mo. Blame ourselves
    The cartels are diversified now. They own considerable legal assets in Mexico. For instance, they own many condos and resorts there.

    Happens a few years back that I went to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) for a long weekend. One of the other people we were with went over to Cholla Bay to one of the local resort hotels where we were going to have breakfast. Our waiter was an ex-guest of Hotel Fed who recognized me. He was quite nice about it and said he'd pass it along to his shall we call them managers... that I we were staying at this other hotel and that we should get the VIP treatment. It was his way of returning the favor for me being fair when he was detained, shall we say...

    Many illegals send a pile of cash back to Mexico too. Some own very nice homes there (they might never see) and are a big economic boon to their hometown.

    Go to Colorado sometime. All the bigger cartel people own condos and homes in places like Boulder and other ski resort towns now. They're finding places to stash their money some of which don't involve moving it back to Mexico.


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