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Disallowing Voting Rights is Criminal

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    Originally posted by Vaeltaja View Post
    Out of interest... what does it require to have voting rights or ability to vote in the USA? And how can you lose such a right?

    Here (Finland) in parliamentary and presidential elections every 18 year old or other Finnish citizen has the right to vote and only way to lose it is to give up Finnish citizenship. Municipal and EU elections have slightly different (less restrictive) rules to allow non-Finnish residents to also vote and their own rules for losing voting right (like moving abroad - i.e. not residing in any municipality - or applying to vote in some other EU country's EU elections). You only need some ID document to prove who you are - and in case you haven't got any the local PDs are required to provide temporary photo-IDs free of charge for this purpose.
    Nationally, all citizens, upon reaching their 18th year, are eligible to vote in any political election. Nationally, all female citizens upon reaching their 18th year are eligible to vote in any political election. Nationally, no tax or fee can be imposed upon eligible citizens for exercising their franchise. (US Constitution, XIX Amendment, XXIV Amendment, XXVI Amendment) Apart from that, all other rules concerning voting are left to the states. So, for example, the State of New York denies convicted felons their franchise for the duration of their sentence, parole included. In NYS one must reside in the district in which one is voting for at least thirty days before the election in question. In NYS party primaries are closed, ie one must be a registered member of that party in order to vote in its primary. In different states, however, those rules may differ. For example, some states require photo ID before one can cast a ballot, but others do not. Suffice to say, each state does it a little differently -- and of course, all of these rules are subject to the political winds, and they can change with some frequency.
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