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Trump Has Taken the Side of Right Wing Terrorists

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  • T. A. Gardner
    Steyer is a DINO. He's playing Progressive activist for the money. He got rich working at Kinder Morgan (the Keystone XL pipeline guys). After making his millions (then billions) he changed sides and moved to California where he's bankrolling Leftist stuff they like and making bank big time on it.
    His latest is solar power. His company Kilowatt Financial LLC is the big name in home solar finance. He's partnered with Tesla home solar in that market. Tesla sells the systems, Steyer's Kilowatt Financial makes the loans.
    He also runs Farallon Capital, a hedge fund that is one of the biggest players in the coal commodities market in Asia right now.

    I researched Steyer because of his Proposition 127 in Arizona. Easily the worst item on our ballot this election. Steyer almost singularly bankrolled it. It will make him rich while it will screw Arizonans because they'll be forced into using a ton of solar.

    As for the pipe bombs... Good thing that guy in Florida was an idiot. Those were singularly the worst designed pipe bombs ever. Not one even went off.

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  • Trump Has Taken the Side of Right Wing Terrorists

    President Trump on Sunday lashed out at billionaire Democratic activist Tom Steyer, ridiculing him as a “stumbling lunatic” days after Steyer was targeted by one of more than a dozen pipe bombs sent to prominent critics of the president.’/

    Language like this is why they were attacked in the first place. Language like this is why such attacks will continue to happen. Even after Steyer was almost killed Trump still can't be Presidential, instead he degrades him and proves Steyer's point.

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