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Bank bailouts documentary and the Central Banking System

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  • Bank bailouts documentary and the Central Banking System

    This is scary stuff!

    Theo mir ist die munition ausgegangen ich werde diesen ramman auf wiedersehen uns in walhalla

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    Every time I talk about this subject people say I'm a conspiracy theory nut case.

    let's just say that if our financial sector was half as wise as they think they are it would be a good start.
    We hunt the hunters


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      As disturbing as many find this concept, topic, situation to be, without Central Banking there's a high probability that human civilization, culture, economy and technology would be at least a couple-few centuries further behind than we are now. So there's the first item to consider, how much would you rather be living the way we were back around the 1600s ?

      Next point to consider is that anyone whom has learned what history has to teach is that any half-smart and half-educated person can find the faults with anything or any system. The real challenge and rare result is the one whom has a better system or solution to the current one.

      So if you were to have done it different, do it over, or change it, what would that be, look like?


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