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Hopefully, Mulvaney is Right...

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  • Hopefully, Mulvaney is Right...

    Cruz is a two-faced scumbag.

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    Originally posted by Massena View Post
    Let me say first that I do not spend time trying to figure out if somebody (or a political party) would win or not. I consider this a waste of time and effort since it is about figuring out something that I will definitely learn in a few months (this does not mean that predictions are not important for certain people, like campaign managers and the like). So, I do not know if Cruz will win or not.

    Saying the above, my comment is that I see as one of the biggest problems he has the humiliation he suffered as a result of how he reacted as a MAN to Trump. People should recall that during the primaries Trump (as usual) started trolling Cruz's wife by posting pictures of her right next to Melania. At that time Cruz seemed to be upset and tried to act like a "man" who wants to protect his wife from those who try to insult his wife and after Trump's win in the primaries Cruz was clear that he would not support a person like Trump who went after Cruz's wife. Predictably for a politician of Cruz' character, a few weeks later, he flipped and came to kiss "Trump's ring" in the Republican Convention since it was obvious by that time that the political cost of not supporting him would be significant. Cruz humiliated himself and gave the image of a career politician who put politics over family. Whenever such priorities become sooo obvious there is a cost. I see many people thinking that even if Trump had sexual assaulted Cruz wife, he would have still got Cruz' endorsement as long as this was politically beneficial for Cruz.
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