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Twitter Has Now Permanently Banned Alex Jones

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    Originally posted by G David Bock View Post

    You're pretty good with the male bovine feces there. This illustrates one reason the term "libtard" was being used a while ago, since it appears disputing or disagreeing with a FORMER POTUS opinion is "threaten a president".
    This is a fairly typical profile of a classic loonie-left liberal in that anything that disagrees with or disputes their delusions is hateful and an attack/assault upon their person. Illustrative of how and why it is nearly impossible to have reasonable and intelligent dialogue with Leftist, as well as how illogical it is to expect real compromise from them on any topic or issue. Disinformation and hyperbole are typical SOP for leftist-liberals.

    In my book Paronto has far more credibility than the zero you and others like "Pamak" possess. For one thing, he isn't hiding behind the anonymity of user name(as only personal detail) while posting public statements.

    Meanwhile, please document the claim of "random people" and what you consider "a lot of money" "working for RW media outlets" and how that differs from same to similar situation 'working for LW media" ~ BTW, been made clear that most of the MSM would qualify as LW.
    That doesn't even make sense. And you didn't mention what Tonto said. Libtard is cute, especially coming from deplorables.

    You're calling people 'retards' and we're calling people 'low quality.' Big difference.


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