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CNN Caught Planting An Anti-Trumper As A Trump Supporter Regret Voting For Him

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    Originally posted by TactiKill J. View Post
    Why doesn't anyone apply the same level of skepticism to random people "reporting" on youtube as they do with mainstream news? I have no issue with fact checking the MSM and not automatically buying into everything they report, that's perfectly fine. But, it seems odd to me that youtubers aren't held to the same level of scrutiny or standards. Why is that?

    This reminds me of a huge conspiracy theorist I listen to every so often because he's a frequent guest on the JRE podcast, Eddie Bravo. He never places any burden of proof on these youtubers. He won't believe anything put out by the MSM, but any independent video on youtube is automatically irrefutable fact. I don't understand this logic. There is no concrete evidence to the claim being made in that video, yet because youtube is somehow more trustworthy people will buy into it despite the lack evidence, or is it simply confirmation bias? Do you guys think the only people who can benefit from lying are on CNN?

    A lot of youtubers have made a great living off of portraying their selves as victims fighting against the MSM and establishment. It works.
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    It will not be so puzzling if you think of the different agendas that posters have.

    Some are willing to use this forum to have a discussion or even learn something from the "other side" that they perhaps missed because it was under-reported in the kind of media they follow.

    Others come here just to provoke and to score points. This kind of posters will use anything to attack the other side, including fake news.
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