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What Happens When the President Spreads Fake News

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  • Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post

    There is a powerful odor of paranoia in this forum.
    and it comes from your side...

    It is obvious that some posters try to build distance from Trump. I guess it is part of the standard practice in politics to have people "forget" their previous political choices. I said it before that at some point in the future, the Trump supporters will feel ashamed of their current stance. Then, they will do the same thing some people did after the civil rights movement changed our societies, when they pretended that they were always against bigotry, that they never threw stones against school busses with black students , and that they never believed in segregation.
    My most dangerous mission: I landed in the middle of an enemy tank battalion and I immediately, started spraying bullets killing everybody around me having fun up until my computer froze...


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