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What value do we place on a law enforcement officers life?

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    Originally posted by Darth Holliday View Post

    Apparently you read nothing provided...He killed two cops after luring them in....Got paroled after being sentenced to death....nuff said...His life is worth less...The governors and him...
    I did not argue that he is a good guy, and I have no problem with the view that being in prison for more than 45 years (as in the case of the cop killer) is not enough.
    Still, the information in the link makes it clear that this policy does not denigrate the lives of police officer victims anymore than the lives of any other victim whose killers have been released and can cast a vote under the same policy.
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      Originally posted by TactiKill J. View Post

      No one says anything when conservatives bring race into everything. What is the difference between black and white cops to make that distinction necessary.
      You are taking my reply out of context. I was responding to this quote,
      ”Nothing of this sort comes from your link. You may disagree with the policy, but this does not mean that the cop killer is treated different from other similar cases of criminals on parole whose victims were black.”

      The victim was a cop, the killer and his partner ambushed them and gunned them down in cold blood.
      My point is clear, murdering a cop, should get you a ticket to the abyss. Period.
      If that abyss means a cell till you assume room temperature, or are executed that’s fine with me.
      IMO felons have upon conviction have forfeited their rights to participate in our elections.
      If your actions prohibit you from seeking office, why should you be allowed to help elect someone to any office?
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        Originally posted by Urban hermit View Post

        If your actions prohibit you from seeking office, why should you be allowed to help elect someone to any office?
        That's because politicians can only become felons while in office.