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  • Holy Shite...

    Interesting video.
    Credo quia absurdum.

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    I remember these guys! This place was right outside Sierra Vista AZ where I was living until the mid-70's.

    Most people thought this was a cult of crazies to be avoided. The high school mentioned was / is Buena High... Where I graduated in 1975...

    The place is mostly abandoned today (It's on the South side of Highway 92 between Hereford and Palomino) I guess there's still a few people living there. Sorry Gulch... err... Sierra Vista has expanded almost to it today.


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      Wow, nowadays there would be many deaths in a situation like this..

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        The footage of the cameraman running from the hammer wielding women was frightening.
        I feared he was going to get his head bashed in.
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          Originally posted by slick24 View Post
          Wow, nowadays there would be many deaths in a situation like this..
          From watching it a couple of times and evaluating it like my agency would do this, it would depend. If we did this the right way, you'd be looking at 1-2 additional deaths on the cultist side, and possibly none on the LE side.

          Quick hash-up without giving away too much on our procedures:

          Plan would be made day before, and Search Warrants obtained in addition to the Arrest Warrants (helps facilitate serving the latter more quickly).

          Snipers would deploy in the night to observe and give information. Probably our A Team would also deploy riflemen as lethal cover for the snipers and the operation.

          2-4 Uniforms, one a supervisor, would try to serve the warrants peaceably just like they did.

          B Team and the Riot Squad would be staged in full kit and deploy when things went south. Riot Squad would handle the front line, B Team would be deploying Less Lethal Impact Munitions (Beanbags, baton rounds, etc) and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

          When people started bringing guns in, snipers would selectively take them out, with A team moving up to the riot to provide immediate lethal cover and B team going lethal as a last resort.

          That's a very quick and dirty variant, the planning would be far more extensive. I think that with gas in the air, a number of shotguns belching out beanbags, and a riot squad wall, the rioters would find somewhere else to be very quickly, and the die hards would be identified and selectively taken down either with a wave of beanbags or a carefully placed shot if they tried to take it to gunplay.

          I give every credit to the local sheriff in this case.....he tried his damnedest to keep things low key and safe for everyone. While there absolutely was a nasty culture clash, and almost certainly a level of racism on the parts of the locals and the cultists, and quite likely some selective enforcement (those were the days where the sheriff could 'run someone out of town'), when the rubber met the road the local LE made every effort to do it the right way.
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            It's not like that part of Arizona was racist simply out of ignorance either. That's Fort Huachuca. The Buffalo Soldiers, and Black soldiers were a long part of the culture there. Fry Arizona (A separate town inside Sierra Vista) was long a den of inequity for the troops.

            So, there was a long and often sordid history of Blacks in the region. On the other hand, Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters back in that time thought it friendly enough and pleasant enough a place to retire and his daughter and family still live there. She became a naval officer and drilled out of the Tucson Reserve Center for a while too.


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              Using women to do the fighting for them.... how very Palestinian of them.
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